Plasma Technology
Theoretical Model
Summary of the Evidence
Synthesis Grid
The Role of the Armed Forces
Crop Circles
Cattle Mutilations
The Crime Weapon
The Apparitions of Fatima
The Crash of Flight TWA 800
The 1946 UFO Wave
Roswell Crash Analysed
A Colorado Case Study
The Nullarbor Plain Case


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UFOs: The Military Unmasked, 60 Years of Psychological Manipulation

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"One of the most careful studies I have ever read"
Rémy Chauvin, Honorary Professor at the Sorbonne
(Paris - France)

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UFOs: The Military Unmasked, 60 Years of Psychological Manipulation


For a long time science has been regarding the subject of UFOs as a taboo because it was regularly ridiculed by the media. One can however wonder whether somebody voluntarily indeed tried to dissuade the scientists from considering this subject.

The UFO phenomenon being extremely complex and diversified, one can hardly find a complete explanation for it without immediately thinking of a counterexample which comes to invalidate this explanation. This book thus proposes initially to present the whole causes which contribute to the existence of the UFO phenomenon. Some of these causes are known: natural phenomena, human mistake, swindle... Others are less known: "paranormal" phenomena... Lastly, a cause remains still largely unsuspected: the military would actively get busy to nourish the belief in the extraterrestrials, and the best cases of "close encounters" would be ascribable to them.

There is indeed a correlation between the movement of the moon and the sun and the appearances of UFOs. This correlation could be explained by the use that the military would make of the lighting of the moon and the sun to dissimulate the source of a luminous projection aiming at simulating a UFO. Thousands of unexplained observations of UFOs to date could thus be allotted to the military secret services, including famous "close encounters of the 4th kind" or "abductions by extraterrestrials" which would be hallucinations caused artificially to the witnesses by the manipulators. It is what this research tries to show with all the necessary scientific rigour. More than 300  for the majority French cases were analyzed, of which a score in detail. The causes of the accident of the flight TWA 800 which made 230 victims in 1996 off New York are re-examined on this occasion.

In the last part of this book, the author answers the objections with the "military hypothesis" and shows that this psychological war was perhaps already at work during the apparitions of Fatima in 1917. But do the secret services of the major military powers act from reasons of State or have they been infiltrated by an occult group?


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  For those interested in the scientific background:
Plasma technology allows the production of artificial UFOs *****
Various moon and sun configurations used by the military to produce an artificial UFO ****
Searching for the proof: correlation between the UFO phenomenon and the movement of the moon and the sun *****
Summary: interpretative grid of the UFO phenomenon ****


A photometrical question for astronomers:
From what angle below the horizon will the sun in France cause, whether in an urban or rural environment, whether in summer or winter, with an observer looking straight up, from down on the ground, or from an altitude of 10 kilometres, a brightness in the sky within the area of visible light equivalent to that of the full moon when the latter is between 0° and -4° below the opposite horizon?
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  For everybody:
What are the military's motives? ***
How does the military produce crop circles? ****
Cattle mutilations ****
The Crime Weapon Identified *****
Were Fatima’s visions a "con"? *****
Analysis of the crash of Flight TWA 800 (New York 1996) ****
  Some remarkable cases pointing to deception:
The 1946 UFO wave: imitation of Soviet rockets ***
Roswell crash (1947): the truth is in here! ****
Colorado (1975-1979): a textbook case *****
Nullarbor Plain (Australia 1988): "the vacuuming up" of a car ***


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