The 1946 UFO Wave

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 A Closer Look at the 1946 UFO Wave                                                                              Version française


Translation by George Hoskins

From the end of May 1946, Swedish and Finnish newspapers were reporting the appearance of mysterious light phenomena, "seen mainly at sunset" [LDLN No. 342 p. 16]. Without making a detailed study of these cases, one can immediately deduce, therefore, that the majority of these bright apparitions were taking advantage of the CES effect due to the proximity of the sun below the horizon. They seemed to want to imitate supposed revolutionary Soviet rockets (pre-debunking, or an explanation orchestrated in advance) but, of course, "no wreck could be recovered, the devices falling into lakes each time" [p. 13], as if deliberately so arranged. Even if some (exceptional) cases of devices were known where the craft had crashed down onto firm land, the remains were impossible to find. However, when it seemed that at last some pieces of metal had been found, the secret military authorities swallowed them up immediately, and so well that nobody could ever see them.

An American military report, favourable to the idea of Soviet rockets being responsible, emphasises that these "machines are evidently self-destroying", because one never finds the remains even though "it is impossible to doubt that they are projectiles" [p. 17]. However, when the reader is made aware that one of the two signatories of this report was Captain Roscoe Hillenkoeter, who the following year was to become chief of the CIA and who took a keen interest in flying saucers, one can reasonably suspect the report of being a planned "spin" manoeuvre. The "projectiles" are, in reality, "ghost rockets" something which for us suggests, or rather promotes the idea that this is nothing other than light phenomena produced in the sky. It was in this same year of 1946 that the American Air Force began the Thumper and Wizard defence projects against ballistic missiles. This simulation of Soviet missiles could thus encourage the apportioning of greater investment into these projects.

The reader will note that at the latitude of Stockholm (Sweden), which is close to that of Oslo (Norway) and also of Helsinki (Finland), the CES effect is constant at night, over a period in 1946 extending from the 24th April to the 19th August, which corresponds well with the dates of this wave of sightings in this part of Europe. At this period, then, the Scandinavian countries formed a favourable zone for the testing of UFO production in the sky. When the wave of sightings was at its height, the night of the 9th to 10th of July in 1946, there were 250 sightings reported in Sweden [p. 16]. During this night, which lasted a little more than 6 hours, the sun did not go below -8º 19’, and the CES effect was thus indeed permanent. It turns out that it was precisely that day when "the American Admiral Hewitt’s naval squadron was entering the Baltic Sea on its way to visit Stockholm" [p. 20] and we are left wondering if it was not this very squadron which was sheltering the source of the firing of the UFOs on that evening. For the remainder of the sightings, we can see that they very often occurred near the coastline, perhaps because the dirigible balloon used for the firing was kept on an American ship out at sea, but that is only a hypothesis.

The commentary of the LDLN journal points out that "little by little, the place of the sightings appears to move clearly and progressively towards the south" [p. 15], until it reaches north Africa, as if we were witnessing a second phase of more ambitious tests, after the success of the first series over Scandinavia.



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