Roswell Crash Analysed

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 Roswell (New Mexico), July 2nd, 1947                                                                              Version française


Translation by George Hoskins

It concerns the infamous supposed crash of a flying saucer, from the interior of which the American military is said to have recovered some extraterrestrials like the one whose autopsy was shown on televisions all round the world a few years ago. On that evening the moon was lit up to over 90% but the sky was clouded and a violent storm had just broken out. This case could easily have been a military set-up, with fake wreckage and fake witness statements mixed in among the sincere statements of manipulated witnesses, but assuredly it will not be the position of the moon which will allow us to decide for sure!

Apart from the Roswell crash, June and July in 1947 saw a significant wave of UFOs in the United States [LDLN Nº 325 p. 7]. Now, the reader will remember that the UFO phenomenon was only "officially" born 8 days previously, following Kenneth Arnold’s sighting on the 24th June 1947. This fact leads us think that this all-too-famous sighting, like the Roswell affair, was an integral part of the manipulation which had begun from this period with a view to consolidating among the population a belief in extraterrestrials, whom science-fiction had already popularised. One might think it strange that a flying saucer, technologically capable of travelling through interstellar space, should have crashed so quickly in the United States, when the American public had only just become aware of the existence of extraterrestrial visitors.

We have already detailed, in the first part of this book (chapter 4) the American military’s motivation for cultivating a belief in extraterrestrials, but the front page of the Roswell Daily Record on the 8th July 1947 [JS94 p. 20] is in itself altogether revealing about these motives. Juxtaposed with an article entitled "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region" we find another article headed "House Passes Tax Slash by Large Margin", and a further one entitled "Security Council Paves Way to Talks on Arm Reduction". In other words, we have the following equation:

"Reduction in Taxation"

+ "Discussion on arms reduction"

"Flying Saucer Crashes"

(Perhaps the war is over but we still need to defend
ourselves against potential aggressors)

On the morning of this same 8th July 1947 the American military had indeed publicly announced that it had just captured a flying saucer, before retracting the statement the very same day, when the news had already gone all round the planet. This announcement was neither fortuitous, nor was it a mistake, since the order had come from very high up and its repercussions were worldwide immediately. By quickly retracting the statement in favour of the absurd explanation of the recovery of a weather balloon, the American military inaugurated the principle of debunking through intentional trivialisation: one part of the population turned away in disgust at having been "had" by a mere weather balloon and for having believed for a moment in extraterrestrials, swearing they would never again be taken in; another part of the population began wondering: "suppose it were true and that the military wanted to hide the existence of extraterrestrials from us?". The truth about the manipulation itself remained unsuspected.

On the 4th July 1947, Independence Day, a great many other sightings of flying saucers were reported over the whole of the United States [LDLN No. 325 p. 10], which to our mind confirms that the Roswell "crash" was only part of a vast exercise in manipulation. Nor do we think that we are dealing with the actual crash of a military aircraft which the Air Force rapidly transformed into the crash of a flying saucer, then again into the wreckage of a weather balloon. The Roswell crash seems in fact to be a wholly put-up job, utilising fake wreckage originating from the advanced technology of American aeronautics and containing some surprising features which enabled the suggestion of extraterrestrial technology to be made. In this context Jacques Vallée talks of the "silvered Saran", a thin, smooth thermoplastic which cannot be deformed even by blows from a hammer. This material "was already available in civil laboratories from 1948" [JV90b p. 117].



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